Rick Daley

EVP - Technical Operations

Rick has nearly thirty years of experience as a software engineer and engineering manager. In the mid 80′s, Rick led the effort at Apple to enable Macintosh software applications to run on Apple’s first commercial UNIX operating system. In the early 90′s, he was the lead engineer in a group at the investment bank Salomon Brothers, where he helped produce a fault-tolerant real-time messaging system used to share data between traders, the sales force and the firm’s clients. In the late 90′s, Rick was an early member of WebTV, where he was the architect for the group that built the WebTV service. He left WebTV in 2000, after helping to integrate the WebTV service into Microsoft following Microsoft’s acquisition of WebTV. In 2000, Rick became EVP of Engineering at National Healthcare Resources (NHR), where he led NHR’s successful software-as-a-service business.