Michael Angst

CEO, Co-Founder

Michael has spent his career as an operating executive and private equity investor in the healthcare , business services and education sectors. Michael’s operational roles have included serving as the President and Chief Operating Officer of National Healthcare Resources (NHR), a tech-enabled services provider in the insurance sector, where he helped supervise the growth of the company from an early stage, oversaw the acquisition and integration of over 15 private companies, and helped lead the integration of the Company following its acquisition by a large competitor. Michael formerly served as the Chairman of FilmAid International (an international relief organization that partners with the United Nations refugee agency to use the power of film and video to bring important information regarding health, security, and education to refugees and other displaced people) and on the Board of Directors of Sustainable South Bronx (a nonprofit that works to address economic and environmental issues through a combination of green job training, community greening programs, and social enterprise).