NetHope /USAIDProject/Funding Partners: USAID and NetHope

IYCE (Innovations for Youth Capacity and Engagement) Pilot Game: Our City is an innovative international development partnership between USAID, NetHope and E-Line Media. The IYCE program will strengthen youth programming through the development of tools and effective models that utilize the power of innovative technology, including serious games, to engage, educate and empower youth in both the digital and real world.

Around the globe, amidst challenging circumstances, youth have harnessed and demonstrated the power of social media to connect with each other and express themselves, bringing about dramatic social, political and economic changes.

Can social games help empower youth to develop the skills, passion and knowledge to build healthy 21st century societies? We think so.

Imagine if a social city-building game was rigorously optimized for fun, engagement, viral propagation and for developing an understanding of building healthy societies. Imagine if the game incorporated real-world civic engagement opportunities into the core gamplay, seamlessly integrating digital engagement with real-world empowerment.

Our City is a Facebook game project, funded by USAID, piloting in Jordan, and focused on exploring how social media, in particular serious social games, can engage and empower youth to understand how they can participate in building healthy societies. The IYCE game will foster a systemic understanding of the key components involved in building a healthy city and offer players the opportunity to accelerate their advancement in the game through on-line and real-world civic engagement – in partnership with carefully vetted local youth-focused NGOs. Players will learn to make decisions around an integrated on and offline engaging game experience, developing a civic-minded perspective to make a difference in their digital and real-world communities.