Talkers and Doers

Talkers and Doers is a game-based learning platform that empowers teens and young adults to build skills as entrepreneurs, to make real money in the real world with no financial risk, and to participate in a vibrant community of other young entrepreneurs and mentors to help accelerate their learning and business goals.

MacArthur Foundation & HASTACToday’s youth are captivated by business and entrepreneurship, especially businesses that are rooted in popular culture. They have a strong awareness that owning a business is a path to increased personal freedom, independence and self-sufficiency. A recent poll by the National Center for Research in Economic Education found that 69% of teens and young adults aspire to start their own business. Among African-American youth, this figure was as high as 75%.

Despite their interest, most young people have very little understanding of basic business concepts. Nine out of ten teens rated their entrepreneurial knowledge as ‘poor’ or ‘fair.’ As a result, many young people talk about starting a business without really knowing what they should do to achieve success. We want to convert talkers into doers.

The Talker and Doers platform will feature:

  • Play: An online, browser-based game where players learn the core principles of entrepreneurship through business scenarios that are relevant to teens and young adults, along with entrepreneurial strategies that can be directly applied to their own real-world businesses.
  • Operate: A suite of real-world tools and business opportunities that enable players to earn real money in the real world with no capital risk to them.
  • Collaborate: A community where players can connect with peers, mentors and services that can accelerate their entrepreneurial success and scaffold their ongoing learning.
  • Curriculum: A flexible, modular curriculum that can be used by teachers in formal and informal learning environments as well as through online courses.

Talkers and Doers will be available to a wide audience of participants with an optimized learning platform, business model and publishing strategy to specifically reach and engage at-risk youth.