Fab: The Game

Fab: The Game is a game-based learning platform designed to empower youth to design and make things. To produce the game, E-Line is collaborating with the growing global network of fab labs, community-based fabrication laboratories where individuals with little or no technical training can take their ideas from the drawing board through to fabrication.

While we’re still a ways off from a Star Trek replicator in every home, the ability for individuals to locally conceptualize, design, develop, fabricate and test (almost) anything is not just theoretically possible, it is currently happening throughout the world.

The Center for Bits and Atoms & FabLabFab labs tap into the innate human desire to make things. Originally begun in inner-city Boston, fab labs have been launched throughout the world, doubling in number every 1.5 years. From to the northern tip of Norway to the southern tip of Africa, from rural villages to urban cities, these community-based labs have sparked an outpouring of inventiveness, individual empowerment and enterprise creation – early indications of the power and potential of personal fabrication.

While armies of entrepreneurs, engineers and pundits are searching inside and outside the box for the next killer computer application, the big-big thing in digital computing may actually be the making of the box. Fab: The Game will feature:

  • Play: An online, 3-D, browser-based game where players learn the core principles of design in the context of an exciting narrative.
  • Make: An easy-to-use suite of CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) tools that allows players to turn select in-game creations into real-world products with precision fabrication machines.
  • Share: A vibrant community of students, teachers and parents that collaborate, mentor and participate in fab competitions.
  • Curriculum: A flexible, modular curriculum that can be used by teachers in formal and informal learning environments as well as through online courses.

Learn more about the fab lab movement at MIT’s Fab Central.