E-Line Media is an entertainment and educational publisher harnessing the power of games to help youth thrive in a globally connected and rapidly changing world.


Meaningful Entertainment

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E-Line’s consumer games are designed to fire the imagination, catalyze curiosity, and create gateways to new ideas, themes and interests through highly engaging entertainment experiences.

World Games

E-Line’s initial gateway focus is on sharing, celebrating and extending world cultures through digital games.

Youth Brain Games

E-Line is in development on an NSF-funded platform for research-based youth brain games in partnership with Sesame Workshop and leading neuroscientists.

Civic Games

E-Line is in development on a USAID-funded youth civic engagement game platform to be piloted in Jordan in partnership with Nethope.


Purposeful Learning

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E-Line’s game-infused blended learning products are designed to enable pathways of learning from middle school through college and beyond.

Creators and Innovators

E-Line’s initial pathway focus is on Creators and Innovators, a package that fosters 21st Century skills by tapping into the natural passion of youth to be creators of digital media.

Thrive Middle School

In partnership with the ASU Center for Games and Impact, E-Line is developing a middle-school learning platform, Thrive, focused on cultivating dispositions, mentoring literacies and teaching domain knowledge across history, language arts, math, science and new literacies.

Thrive Continuing Education

E-Line has also partnered with ASU and Intel to pilot using the Thrive learning platform to deliver professional development programs for teachers and digital literacy programs for women and girls in Africa.


Deepen & Extend Learning

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E-Line combines "high-tech" products with "high-touch" services including blended learning programs, teacher professional development, youth competitions, and development and publishing services.

Blended Learning Programs

E-Line designs, implements and operates hands-on learning programs that combine online and blended learning courses, teacher professional development, live events, showcases and competitions.

Development and Publishing

E-Line helps foundations, government agencies, and academic organizations navigate the complex and constantly evolving game-based-learning ecosystem.

Sector-Raising Initiatives

E-Line is dedicated to helping to raise the overall sector of impact games through innovative initiatives, partnerships and presentations.